Who are we?

On this page we present the structure of our membership divided into columns. Furthermore, we show which pillars bundle which core competencies and which fields of activity in which pillars perform active association work. Which companies constitute the association as members is listed in the individual columns.

Here you will find...


The MICE industry consists of a large number of different trades and services, all of which pursue the same goal: to create high-quality events!

A big network – Ein großes Netzwerk –  with bundled competences!

Given the wide range of different member companies, services and interests, the association has been organised according to a pillar-based model with a structure that allows the companies to be grouped by the type of service they offer. The pillar structure is designed in such a way that, under certain conditions, a new, homogenous pillar can be created, allowing the relevant interests to be formulated more specifically and therefore exert a greater influence on the work of the association.

Der vBCP rests on pillars!  

In order to take account of the breadth and depth of the subject matter represented by our members, the association has been underpinned by a pillar model, the structure of which enables companies to merge on the basis of their services. The structure of the pillars is designed dynamically – under certain conditions, there is the possibility of spin-off of a homogeneous new pillar, whereby the respective interests can be formulated more specifically and thus more influence on the work of the association can be taken.


Destination Management Companies
Professional Congress Organizer

Caterer – Restaurants – Equipment – Technology

Providers of equipment and decoration
Technichal suppliers


Veranstaltungsstätten jeglicher Art und Größenordnung

Mobility & Services

Limousine- and Chauffeur-Services
Bus transfer
Translation- and Interpreting-Services

Event photography
Hostess agencies
and many more…

Strong Partners...

If you would like to receive information about individual members or their services, or if you would like to get in touch with a specific company, please contact our association office or use the contact information provided with each member. We look forward to helping you!